Citizen Commendation Award

Presented by: City of Springfield, Fire Rescue Division

Citizen Commendation Award To the extent that the Springfield Fire Rescue Division is dedicated to the protection of the lives and property of the citizens of Springfield:

And Whereas our vision is to be leaders in providing professional safety services, resolving problems, supporting our members and building our community:

And whereas citizens within our community embody and demonstrate those same guiding values:

We hereby recognize Ms. Jill Belew for your efforts on October 1, 2017, when you responded to the need of a woman who was choking. You, along with Ms. Dana Goodfellow and Ms. Jailynn Brim were able to free the object enabling the patient to breathe normally. Paramedics believed that without your quick actions prior to their arrival, the incident would have had a much more tragic outcome.

Through your skill, knowledge, and devotion to others, you have demonstrated character, which is deserving of the Citizen Commendation Award.

We are proud to have citizens of your caliber protecting our community. We thank you for your personal service and honor the example that you set.

Brian D. Miller, Fire Chief
City of Springfield, Fire Rescue Division