Empowering People


Core Values:

Our success is a result of dedication and teamwork as we serve not only our Individuals but our employees and the communities that we call home. We empower and support people with disabilities and make a positive impact on everyone around us by applying our core values. These CORE VALUES include:

Making a difference to the people we serve.

We feel that it is essential that every person served finds the fullest possible life in a safe, secure and loving home. It is with this value that clinical excellence and compassionate care work together to provide the fullest possible experience for each and every person.

Making a difference to our employees.

All staff members are called to care in a setting that offers them respect, support and opportunities to grow. We purposely use the word “called” because we truly believe our employees are special people. What they do is more than just a job, it’s a calling!

Making a difference to our community.

Our homes reach out to meet the needs of our communities while inviting the community to find meaning and hope in the midst of the home. Each home must ask itself, “What are the needs of this community and how can we help meet those needs?”

Mission Statement:

Empowering and Supporting People with Disabilities

Our mission is to empower and support people with disabilities. We believe that every person should make decisions that directly affect their lives. With the application of sound principles such as compassion, fairness, integrity and self-determination, we provide a positive living environment for those we serve as well as providing a welcoming work environment where each employee finds success and satisfaction.

Empowering People